A journey

21 Feb

Wednesday night at 11:34 my family began a new journey. My mom received the call that there was a liver available and she was to be  at the hospital at 7:00 am the next morning. She called me and woke me up. We were in shock, and I wasn’t sure whether to sing for joy, or cry.

Mom has been battling primary liver cancer for over 4 years. It’s an extremely rare cancer with no discernable cause. She has had 2 surgeries and 6 RFAs (Radio-frequency Abulation). The last one was only a month ago. She was put on the transplant list a couple of years ago after quite the battle with one of the transplant team doctors. We were told that she would be taken off the list if there was a tumor, but put back on after 6 months. This is why we were shocked. The last tumor was only treated a month before!

So…up all night, too excited and nervous to sleep and heading to the hospital by 5:00 am as we are a 2 hour drive away. Mom ended up waiting until 11:30 that night to head into surgery. I stayed in as the rest of my family headed home. Best part of this was watching my mom and dad, married 48 years, holding hands.

Mom came out of surgery at 5:30am Thursday morning. And now the journey for us all begins. Learning to live with a transplant. Learning to live with a second chance. Learning to live.


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