Another Step

21 Feb

With a critically ill family member, having a support system in place is so important. I am not talking the health care system, I mean your  own personal supports, like family, friends, church, work and so on.

I am blessed with a wonderful family support system. My husband has taken over everything at home. I also run a concession part-time, and my youngest sons have worked with me. They have taken that over.  My dad has been wonderful, strong and caring. My siblings, though we disagree as most siblings do, have been there.

My full time job has given me leave and my co-workers have been incredible sources of support. I have wonderful friends praying for us.

The only thing lacking has been the church. Our church went through some major changes in the last year. While I am still a member, I don’t attend as regularily as some think I should. I didn’t feel comfortable even phoning anyone to ask for prayer. This really tells me that I need a new church family.

Time to hit the road. I have a full day of trying to pass clients on  to another worker, and then driving back in to be with mom. They are hoping to take her off the respirator today. I will tell of that journey tomorrow!


One Response to “Another Step”

  1. Heather Moellering February 21, 2012 at 5:30 pm #

    We are all praying for your mom’s speedy recovery Brenda.

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