A Step Forward and Back

22 Feb

Yesterday was a huge step forward for mom. They removed the respirator! YAY! And she sat up in a chair for a bit. Double Yay!

I wasn’t there. I had to go to my office to take care of a few things in order to go on my leave. Then when I got back home, I started to feel sick. I’m celiac so it could have been something I ate, or it could be a bug. I decided not to go in and see mom just in case. Then I felt guilty. But I was doing the right thing…wasn’t I? Of course, why should I feel guilty because I wasn’t feeling well? But I do anyway, just because I do tend to put others before myself.

So I’m heading in this morning as it must have been the celiac disease and I’m fine now.

I know all about Vicarious Trauma, Compassion Fatigue and the other meriad of names that are given to the burnout felt by the caring professions. That’s the profession I am in. However, knowing and avoiding it are two different things!


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