29 Feb

Mom is short. Five feet is stretching it. She is also a tiny lady. Before surgery she was doing really well at 107 . This is the reason she received the liver that she as others were apparently ahead of  her on the list but the liver was too small for anyone else.   It was hard to sit in the ICU waiting room and hear about the others who were waiting. One man whose adult son had liver failure from a tylenol overdose, was very upset when he heard that Mom had gotten a transplant before his son. I did explain about the size difference, but I doubt that it made him feel any better. This was a parent with a child in a coma. Nothing I said would have helped. 

Being tiny also has some disadvantages.  She has to take a little jump to get back into her hospital bed.  She manages that fairly well now, but the first  times, everyone was trying to help her! The nurses have apologised because they weren`t able to lower the bed more! But we will take the little disadvantages. Thank God for the small things!


One Response to “Jump!”

  1. Jillian Boyko February 29, 2012 at 6:15 pm #

    We are so glad to hear your mom is doing so well! Please send her our best wishes for a quick and full recovery!

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