2 Mar

Mom’s medication list is three pages long! One of the anti-rejection drugs has a side effect of tremors. Mom is a little frustrated with this, understandably. She has difficulty speaking clearly and getting a spoon to her mouth with most of the food on it is nearly impossible. We are hoping this calms down fairly soon.

I really had to think to see the good side of this, as I have been doing for all the little things I’ve complained about! But I did find the good side. Mom and I ended up doing the paper’s crossword together as she wasn’t able to write the letters in and I wasn’t able to come even close to the right answers! (I am a suduko player!) So we had some fun doing this together. The circle-a-word was fun too!

It takes some effort to seeing a good side of the hard things, but it is worth it in the end. I was even able to do that today when I was given a ticket! I had forgotten to renew my driver’s license. So today I was pulled over. As the officer gave me the ticket I thanked him and told him that I was glad he had given me the ticket. He was a little puzzled so I explained that if I had been stopped in the city instead, my car would probably have been towed. As it was, I had to walk three blocks to the registry office and renew my license and of course, pay the fine. But just the fine, not a tow bill or impound bill on top of that. Thank God for the good side!


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