Stepping out into the World

10 Mar

Its been a very busy week. I haven’t had a chance to blog for a while. My mom was released from the hospital on Wednesday, 20 days after having her transplant. She was literally kicked out of her room as a new patient was being transported in.

Dad and I had gone to pick up Mom’s medication from the pharmacy. That was a shock, even with the anti-rejection drugs covered under the transplant program. The grocery bag full of drugs was gone over very carefully by the pharmacist with us. Then when we got back up to the waiting room on the ward the nurse came out and went over the medications with us again. All the medications are charted and listed in Mom’s “Transplant Binder”. This binder is our life! All the information is kept in here, every medication, every blood test, every appointment, nutrition information, physio, and so on.

So then Dad wheeled Mom out to the patient pick-up area as I ran for the car and drove it around. To the apartment we went.

Mom slept well that night in a real bed! I did not! I have a camp cot set up in the bedroom. Its not the best bed and the bit of worry about caring for Mom made sleep difficult. But this will get better as we continue on this journey.


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