The Helping Hand

13 Mar

There are so many people that have helped in Mom’s journey. One by one, I will tell you about them. Today I would like to tell you about our neighbor’s young daughter. She is the same age as one of my children. We are staying in her apartment for the month.

After a transplant, we had to stay in the city after Mom was released from the hospital. There are daily appointments to go to, physio, blood work, OT. And we live too far to drive back and forth. A four hour car ride a day after major surgery is not going to happen. So while Mom was recovering in the hospital, Dad and I were looking at different options.

There is a wonderful, though old, Outpatient residence attached to the hospital. We have stayed there on occasion when my son has been in for surgeries. And there is a condo for transplant patients, but is often full. There was other options as well. Dad was talking about this to our neighbor. She asked if she could help look for us. Dad agreed. The neighbor phoned back the next day and offered her daughter’s apartment. The daughter had offered to move in with a friend for the month. What a wonderful and unexpected gift. For, though we are paying the rent for the month, it is still a gift. To give up your home for a neighbor is something truly selfless. Thank you doesn’t seem quite enough.


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