16 Mar

Not mom, but I got sideswiped this morning. Mom has been doing really well. Her tummy issues have calmed down. Dad took over for the weekend early so I am home.

I applied for our government’s Compassionate Care benefits from Employment Insurance. It is supposed to allow a caregiver of a critically ill person 6 weeks of leave with a 2 week waiting period, so really 4 weeks of benefits.

I have been on leave for 4 weeks already. I finally received a reply from EI this morning stating that they are allowing my claim. Thats good. The crappy part is that they disallowed the first week and a half of my claim. With the waiting period, I will only get 2 weeks of benefits! And the benefits are a measly 420 a week. This barely covers my car payment, never mind the rest of my regular expenses. I think I have figured out why the first part of the claim was disallowed. The form that the doctor fills out only has a date for when he is signing the form, not for when the actual critical care starts.

Out of pocket expenses are a lot, especially for those who are from out of town. Dad rented an apartment, there is food expenses, fuel expenses, PARKING expenses, and so on, plus all the regular bills at home. Thank God we don’t have the medical costs that other countries do!


One Response to “Sideswiped”

  1. caregiverformom March 17, 2012 at 3:56 pm #

    You applied for EI or for Compassionate Care Benefits?

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