21 Mar

Mom is learning a new skill. She is a writer, but for years she has written on an old typewriter. True, it was electric, but still a typewriter! Her last book was done on their desk-top computer with a lot of coaching. She did pretty well. But the desk-top is at home and we are stuck in the city. My lap-top is old and plagued with viruses. I didn’t want to put Mom’s book onto it, to lose the changes if it crashed!

So Mom decided to purchase her own. With some long distance advice from a techie friend, we bought a small laptop. I installed the office program and showed Mom how to insert the “stick”. And yes, even that was an adventure! Yes, Mom, it can go in any of those holes, No, Mom, only the one way! Of course, she decided she needed to do this while I was cooking supper, which did get a little well done! Hey, didn’t I go through this stuff about 15 years ago with my kids!?

She is fine with the keyboarding part. (Mom, don’t hit the keys so hard!) Now showing her how it scrolls down, to copy and paste….oh, I think we will leave that till I’m cooking supper tomorrow!


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