The Home Stretch

22 Mar

We got permission yesterday from the doctors and the transplant team to go home at the end of the week! This has been a 6 week journey to this point and we are down to the home stretch. And its a good thing!

I am a fairly solitary person. To get some alone time, I have been staying up late. This doesn’t work all that well as I am a morning person and don’t sleep past 6 am! As well most of Mom’s appointments are early so we head out at 6:30!  Yesterday, I actually left Mom alone at the apartment and went and visited a friend. I played music as loud as I wanted in the car!

Even Mom remarked today that its a good thing that we’re going home as we are getting on each other’s nerves!

I think this is a part of caregiving that doesn’t get enough attention. I love my mom so very much, but being with her 24-7 is another thing!


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